Wellness is the “New” Luxury

Wellness is the “New” Luxury

A trending “wellness” lifestyle that focuses less on “brand” and more on “meaning” has some of the big spenders shifting their purchases from materialistic to holistic, and real estate is no exception.

In the Luxury Portfolio International’s latest publication, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Stephanie Anton dives into the latest trend in luxury real estate: WELLNESS.

“Far from a passing trend, wellness has morphed into an industry predicted to be worth $5.6 trillion by 2022…For the well-heeled, wellness is far beyond massages and meditation. Today, wellness is about finding personal balance. Working hard, but also playing hard.

It’s no surprise that after the shutdowns companies and employers faced in the year of 2020 and throughout 2021, we as consumers started looking at how our lifestyles could change for the betterment of our physical AND mental well-being. We started taking a holistic approach to our personal health, internally and externally. We looked at ways to get outside more, taking a true lunch break, having a daily routine that included more physical activity, eating better – anything to get our minds off of the chaos of our world and find balance in our everyday.

By the end of Spring 2020, the Hudson Valley Real Estate Market absolutely erupted. Home sales were through the roof as buyers from New York City poured into the suburbs, looking for an escape from the city that at one point never slept, finally deciding it was time to take a snooze.

With no knowing of when the normal hustle and bustle would come back to the Big Apple, or any major city for that matter, urbanites began to look for a reprieve from their concrete jungles to areas where they could sprawl out, get the fresh air we as humans crave.

But the city natives weren’t the only ones looking for a change of scene. Local Hudson Valley residents who were now tasked with both working from home and learning from home quickly realized that their current address would no longer do for their changing lifestyles.

Fast forward two years and now beyond just a space for a home office or “school room”, consumers are looking for other ways their home can be not just a place of shelter, but a place of retreat. Today’s consumer isn’t just looking for an extra room in the house to be used for a flex space, but instead a house that fits the bill (and budget, of course!) for the new holistic lifestyle we’re beginning to crave.

Transforming the four walls and ceiling of a new house into a home is a process of discovery. Part of that journey is determining not just how you live in a space, but how you live your best life in a space.”Luxury Portfolio Global Edition I

Prospective homeowners are looking for amenities like a space for a home gym or yoga studio, with architectural details like high ceilings and large windows that create an “outdoors-in” environment with plenty of natural light, and covered patios to unwind or socialize with guests. Today’s buyers – both luxury and everyday – are putting less emphasis on the price tag and shifting value towards the experience and meaning that their home brings them.

Think of your favorite resort, then incorporate that vacation feeling into an every-day concept. Seem a little too utopian?

Look around your home. Do you have walls that could use a lighter, fresh coat of paint? An empty corner of a room waiting for that simple yet aesthetically amusing house plant that also doubles as an air purifier? We know this isn’t the first article you’ve read on what a simple decluttering can do for your mind and home.

For those with a larger project in mind – look at your backyard (ok, if you’re in the northeast like us and it’s mid or late winter, come back to this article in a couple of months – don’t look at it now). Is there a space for a pool, patio, hot tub or fire pit? What about an outdoor garden? Larger projects like a backyard makeover can go a long way for your well-being (and ROI!).

It might seem like a far-off idea for some to have that luxury feeling every day, but the best thing is – you don’t need to own a multi-million dollar home or have a huge renovation budget to incorporate wellness design into your home. Small design changes to a home or space can make the world of a difference for your well-being.

Thinking about moving in the next few years and questions about which home projects you can see the most return on? Reach out to us! We love to hear your ideas and give you our expert feedback.

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